I generally shy away from declaring recipes ‘ultimate’ or ‘best ever’, because taste is such a subjective thing. Especially when it comes to the widely debated matter of chocolate cake. However, I can honestly say that this recipe is, for me, the only chocolate cake recipe I will ever need. Unlike this chocolate torte recipe […]


I have a funny relationship with homemade chocolate cake. I have struggled to find one recipe that I really love for the chocolate cakey element alone: the chocolate sponge always just satisfied the brief, but was nothing without a scrumptious ganache or buttercream and a rubbly scattering of Smarties. For cakeyness alone, I have always […]


Until today, I had accepted that baking with yeast was my culinary nemesis. For years I had lusted after the plump, soft, pillowy, sticky cinnamon buns I saw on other blogs and cookbooks, while my repeated attempts refused to rise and turned out rock solid. Loaves of bread emerging from my oven tasted stale from […]


Yesterday evening marked the first episode of series 3 of my favourite TV programme: The Great British Bake-Off. I was ridiculously excited to ‘meet’ the new flock of contestants and to suss out their different personalities and culinary fortes. The first challenge they were set was to bake an upside-down cake of their own design […]


I enjoy fun baking. Cute baking. ‘Mini-dinky-hold-me-in-the-palm-of-your-hand-and-stroke-me-with-one-finger’ baking. The game-changer, however, is food with silly names. Why do restaurants do it? And juice bars. Juice bars are the real culprits. It just makes me not want to order something for fear of voicing its ridiculously dorky pseudonym. Call me a square, if you must. Cocktails […]


If a backyard wedding in summer could masquerade as a cake, this would be it. Strawberry and lavender is the most perfect marriage of flavours and aromas: it is the first taste of summer. There is something about the floral fragrance whistling across the rounded sweetness of the simple strawberry that renders the fruit somewhat […]


Blueberry pie flapjacks. So called because of the rich, squidgy, glossy middle layer of blueberries that is so delightfully deep that it resembles a pie filling. This is a breakfast bake. A picnic bake. A lunchbox bake. A ‘nothing-to-get-too-excited-about-until-you-wield-a-knife-and-find-yourself-in-gooey-jammy-blueberry-heaven’ bake. Plus, butter and sugar aside, it’s relatively healthy. Weyhey! I was honestly astounded by how delicious these […]


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