Yet again, I have found myself neglecting my blog. I hope this can be excused, however, by the fact that until recently I have been in the process of moving into a new flat and the trials and tribulations surrounding Internet connection, as well as adjusting to a considerable change (downsize) in kitchen space, have […]


Yesterday evening marked the first episode of series 3 of my favourite TV programme: The Great British Bake-Off. I was ridiculously excited to ‘meet’ the new flock of contestants and to suss out their different personalities and culinary fortes. The first challenge they were set was to bake an upside-down cake of their own design […]


I enjoy fun baking. Cute baking. ‘Mini-dinky-hold-me-in-the-palm-of-your-hand-and-stroke-me-with-one-finger’ baking. The game-changer, however, is food with silly names. Why do restaurants do it? And juice bars. Juice bars are the real culprits. It just makes me not want to order something for fear of voicing its ridiculously dorky pseudonym. Call me a square, if you must. Cocktails […]


If a backyard wedding in summer could masquerade as a cake, this would be it. Strawberry and lavender is the most perfect marriage of flavours and aromas: it is the first taste of summer. There is something about the floral fragrance whistling across the rounded sweetness of the simple strawberry that renders the fruit somewhat […]


Blueberry pie flapjacks. So called because of the rich, squidgy, glossy middle layer of blueberries that is so delightfully deep that it resembles a pie filling. This is a breakfast bake. A picnic bake. A lunchbox bake. A ‘nothing-to-get-too-excited-about-until-you-wield-a-knife-and-find-yourself-in-gooey-jammy-blueberry-heaven’ bake. Plus, butter and sugar aside, it’s relatively healthy. Weyhey! I was honestly astounded by how delicious these […]


Yet another exciting success from The Nordic Bakery cookbook, I present a favourite of my brother’s: oven-baked pancakes. Since he is back home for the summer, my brother has hinted that he is missing his regular trips to said bakery for their incredible oven pancakes. This prompted me to look up the recipe in the […]


It is often easy to understand why many so people put chocolate so high up on the pleasure spectrum. Imagine a planless evening. You, alone in a room, apart from a hefty chunk of really good, homemade chocolate cake. You are going to eat the cake before you call your boyfriend for an impromptu rendez-vous/reach […]


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